All You Need to Know about Lift Chairs

A lift chair appears similar in design to a standard reclining chair; however, lift chairs specifically feature a powered lifting mechanism that pushes the whole chair up from its base and assists the person to rise up from a seated position. The person operates a lift chair by pushing buttons on a remote instead of manually engaging a lever or switch. There are various names used for describing wheelchairs, such as power lift reclinerspop-up chairs3-position recliners, and infinite position recliners, but all these terms refer to one type of device. There are various types of sizes and styles available in lift chairs with numerous optional features. Lift chairs are available in small to large widths, short to tall heights, fabric, vinyl, or maybe leather-based upholstery, and with options such as a number of positions available, warmness, and massage, lift chairs can be custom designed to fit your specific needs.

There are three basic categories of lift chairs

  • Two-position Lift Chairs
    They can be reclined to a range of 45 degrees. For most people, this is a convenient position for reading and watching TV.
  • Three-position Lift Chairs
    This type of lift chair can be reclined to an almost flat position and might stop at any degree of recline in between. It is possible to take a comfortable nap in this chair as well as read and watch television.
  • Infinite Lift Chairs
    It is also referred to as zero-gravity or full recline chair as it can recline into a flat position where the backrest is almost parallel to the floor. A few models can elevate a person’s feet above his/her head into the Trendelenburg position or raise a person’s feet above their heart into the zero-gravity position.

Cost of Lift Chairs
Two-position lift chairs tend to be the most budget friendly, and their prices start at approximately $600 while three-position lift chairs begin at about $650 and Infinite Lift Chairs start at about $1,100.

The price is significantly affected by the selected upholstery. Specialty lift chairs such as wall huggers and heavy-duty models will be more expensive than the regular chair of the identical type.

Top Lift Chairs in the Market

  • Venturi Bella Fabric Recliner by Furniture of America
  • The Perfect Sleep Chair
  • Catnapper Power Lift Chair
  • Prolounger leather power recliner
  • Homelegance 8545-1lt power lift recliner
  • Mega motion recliner chair
  • Coaster casual power lift chair