Lucky silver bracelets

Do we pair silver bracelets with gold bracelets?

We can combine silver bracelets with literally any other material (straps, laces, beads, stones, mother of pearl, wood), as well as with gold. Then remember that bracelets or other jewelry should be in the same style as our silver bracelet. For a silver bracelet with stones or crystals, choose something muted, simple, less florid. The silver and gold combination is still in vogue, and all indications are that this fashion will last for a while.

Lucky silver bracelets.
Silver bracelets are often presented as lucky charms. There is some kind of power in this filigree adornment that allows us to feel better, more confident, more beautiful. Fortunately, silver bracelets are worn all the time; they are only removed before going to bed or bathing. There are no rules as to what styles are bought for luck – all silver bracelets can be our amulet and talisman for good luck. Since a silver bracelet is usually small, it does not need to be noticeable when worn.