Neuropathy in Feet – Effective Ways to Ease the Pain

Neuropathy in feet is a condition which leads to the feeling of little to no sensation in the feet. Damage to your peripheral nerves leads to a feeling of numbness, weakness, and pain. You may touch a hot or cold appliance and feel no sensation at all. In many cases of the disease, your symptoms can improve with time. The treatment for neuropathy in feet is aimed at reducing the pain involved with the disease. It is advisable to seek medical attention if you experience the symptoms of this disease. Read on to know the options for the best treatment for neuropathy in feet.

Treatment for neuropathy in feet
If you are suffering from progressive pain and numbness in your feet, it is quite likely that you are having trouble standing and walking. Imbalance issues are one of the major causes of concern with respect to this disease. Working with a physical therapist could go a long way in helping you discover lost balance. While carrying a can may not be appropriate according to your age, prevention from further injury is always the best option. You can improve blood circulation to the affected nerves by performing some basic exercises. Seek other treatment for neuropathy in feet as well, to avoid further development of the disease as it increases the likelihood of falling, tripping and hurting yourself. Treating the underlying cause of the disease is necessary and this can only be determined when you undergo a medical check-up. Here are a few tips you should keep in mind to help you on a day to day basis:

  • Try wearing shoes that fit your feet well. This protects your feet and prevents them from suffering from further wounds.
  • Place a mirror on the floor or at a lower altitude to inspect the soles of your feet regularly.
  • Inspect your feet for cuts and wounds regularly.

Neuropathy in feet should be taken seriously as its progression could lead to serious consequences; numbness in the feet is also a serious matter. The most common underlying cause of the disease is diabetes. If you are suffering from neuropathy in feet as a result of it, it may last longer than usual. Seeking immediate medical attention is the best way forward. You may also follow the treatment for neuropathy in feet options mentioned above. Remember, early treatment can go a long way in reducing pain and helping you recover.