Tandem cycle IVF will help you become parents at any age

IVF technologies are dynamically developing in the direction of increasing the success and safety of pregnancy and the health of the child. Today, these requirements are best met by the cryo protocol, which is called “tandem IVF”.

The effectiveness of the tandem cycle IVF in the group of patients less than 34 years of age exceeds 50%. This allows you to achieve success rates and become a full-fledged family at almost any age.

Benefits of cryo protocols at our center:

  1. The most advanced cryopreservation technology is used – vitrification. Ultra-fast freezing takes place, which preserves the quality of the embryos.
  2. The best 5-day-old embryos are cryopreserved. At this time, they reach the blastocyst stage. At this stage, embryos have high implantation properties, and embryologists can thoroughly examine their morphology, genome and assess their vital potential.
  3. The endometrium is carefully prepared for embryo acceptance. Experts assess his condition using an expert-class ultrasound. The level of qualifications of doctors allows us to determine with high accuracy the “implantation window” – the most favorable time for transfer.
  4. The dosage of hormones during the stimulation of superovulation is calculated individually with maximum accuracy and is adjusted by the doctor while observing the maturation of follicles. Our specialists usually manage to obtain an adequate ovarian response, even with minimal hormonal influence, and to obtain high-quality eggs.
  5. The level of qualifications and experience of specialists ensure the maximum result of the tandem IVF cycle.

Fertility specialists and embryologists regularly attend specialized infertility congresses and exhibitions dedicated to the latest advances in assisted reproductive technologies.

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