Swelling in the legs is often an indication of an underlying health condition. It can occur in any part of the leg, from toes to thighs. Fluid retention or build up is the main reason for swollen legs. The actual cause of leg swelling varies widely from injury to heart disease to kidney disease to […]

Burberry is a fashion house company established in the year 1856 and the Burberry stores are located all over the world. They are popular for an extensive and luxurious range of clothing, fragrances, bags, fashion accessories, cosmetics, and eyewear. Let us check out three of the most popular Burberry bags that would help you to […]

The Brahmin Leather Works Inc. was established in the year 1982 and are popular for their leather handbags and fashion accessories. Brahmin bags offer a combination of quality, design, and elegance. You can select your favorite bag from a range of backpacks, satchels, and shoulder bags. Here is a list of handpicked Brahmin handbags for you. […]

Nike, Inc. was established in 1964. Then, it was known as Blue Ribbon Sports. Later, in 1971, the name changed to Nike. It has been one of the leading brands for designing, manufacturing, and selling of apparel, footwear, accessories, and equipment. Nike sportswear includes shoes, tops, T-shirts, hoodies, pullovers, jackets, vests, pants, tights, tracksuits, shorts, […]

Are you aware of the fact that every time you take an antibiotic or a painkiller, it adversely affects the liver? In most cases, problems in the liver occur due to erratic lifestyle, wrong food habits, and uninhibited use of medicines.

Parkinson’s disease is a progressive disorder of the nervous system that particularly does not have a permanent cure. However, proper medications under the guidance of a medical expert may improve the Parkinson’s symptoms a bit. Here is a list of 5 early signs of this condition:

Diarrhea is a common disease and affects children and adults alike. It is characterized by the passage of soft, loose, and watery stools on a frequent basis with or without cramps, pressure, and bloating. There are several underlying causes for the condition which include the likes of viral and bacterial infections, food intolerance, reactions to […]

Stool color indicates the human intestinal condition. It is influenced by the food we eat and the amount of bile produced. When the food and bile pigments travel through the gastrointestinal tract, through the mouth to rectum, react chemically with enzymes, thus causing stool to have a color. While brown or green color is considered normal, […]

Hair loss is a common problem among women and men. Hair loss can be caused due to stress, hormonal imbalance, medications, disorders caused by certain medical conditions, deficiencies of vitamins or excessive hair styling. There are various solutions to this problem. One of them is the use of topical shampoo. The hair loss shampoo for […]

As you grow older, your skin needs extra protection and care because of the hormonal changes in the body, damage due to sun rays, and age spots on the skin that can make your skin look mature. All these things also contribute to the dryness of the skin that makes your wrinkles appear more prominently. […]