4 Popular Shaving Razors

While purchasing a shaving razor, many thoughts come to our mind. One of those thoughts is whether the razor you are buying, will suit your skin or not. If you have a sensitive skin a safety razor is a good choice for you. Most of the times, we forget to see the handles. But, it is the most important thing to observe while purchasing a razor. The cost of the razor is another factor that affects your purchase. By considering all these things, the best razors for shaving are described below: Continue reading “4 Popular Shaving Razors”

Factors that Determine Your Gut Health

Defecation is a natural process of the body. When you eat your stomach full, and it is digested and absorbed by the body for producing energy, the leftovers that cannot be used by the body come out in the form of poop. Most of the people are uncomfortable talking about this natural process, but the fact is that there are a lot of factors that can govern the health of your gut and defecation formulates as one of the most critical factors that can help you determine if everything is right with the digestive system of your body. Hence, it is imperative to understand the stool color chart so that you can follow the digestive system better. Continue reading “Factors that Determine Your Gut Health”

5 Common Causes of Double Vision

Normally, most people neglect their eyes when they function well. However, there is a complex process that goes on in order to make your eyes work smoothly. If there is any sort of dysfunction in any of the components of the eyes, then you may start panicking because you may start seeing things double. Well, this is a serious issue and be sure to visit an eye doctor promptly in order to prevent any serious damage to your eyes. Continue reading “5 Common Causes of Double Vision”

Prevention and Treatment for Bone Spurs

Bone spurs, technically known as osteophytes are an extra outgrowth of bone mostly at the extreme ends of bones and joints. These hard bumps of bone are common in the neck (cervical spine), hands, shoulders, low back (lumbar spine), hips, knee, and heel. Bone spur by itself is not a cause of trouble unless it presses or rubs against another bone or nerves, which may cause pain and stiffness. Continue reading “Prevention and Treatment for Bone Spurs”